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american imperialism is closely surrounded by the peoples of the

american imperialism is in the making

american imperialism is to remove all hindrances and obstacles to the domination of the weaker countries by american capital

american imperialism is closely surrounded by the peoples of the world

american imperialism is to establish india as the chief reactionary base in south

american imperialism is the single biggest danger to american security and world peace

american imperialism is written by post

american imperialism is a good thing

american imperialism is to proclaim the truth everywhere

american imperialism is understandable in light of the decades before

american imperialism is in line with our consistence policy to oppose their capitalist system

american imperialism is not another state

american imperialism is doing and that it is going to invade iraq

american imperialism is not without its foreign accomplices

american imperialism is truly astonishing

american imperialism is taking advantage of the situation to extend its power in the region

american imperialism is progress itself

american imperialism is probably felt by americans as simply spreading the culture

american imperialism is a bolshevik or a dictator

american imperialism is arrogantly demanding that all countries and peoples accept its prescriptions of what should be their economic orientation and what

american imperialism is the preemptive strike policy

american imperialism is imminent by neal sadler the georgia state university signal

american imperialism is not part of the solution

american imperialism is trying to establish all over the

american imperialism is a media website by the history wiz which visually covers the united state’s impearlist involvement in central america

american imperialism is crowing triumphantly over afghanistan

american imperialism is also developing on the military level

american imperialism is resisted and fought

american imperialism is

american imperialism is the root cause of terrorism

american imperialism is aiming at many other targets;

american imperialism is going to be impossible to maintain without the use of excessive force and putting the weaker

american imperialism is to ignore the facts

american imperialism is only a

american imperialism is a persuasive one when dealing with american imperialism at the

american imperialism is on the rise

american imperialism is nothing but a “paper tiger” with internal weaknesses

american imperialism is to blame

american imperialism is what is truly exceptional about america

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american imperialism is not pretty

american imperialism is the central other in the film

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american imperialism is not content

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american imperialism is pretty sick

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american imperialism is that it “dare not speak its name”

american imperialism is set to cause chaos again in 2002

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american imperialism is the custodian of global capitalism

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iraq is unwise

iraq is futile

iraq is long

iraq is not

iraq is not inevitable

iraq is imminent

iraq is unavoidable

iraq is wrong petition

iraq is said to include attack on three sides

iraq is unique threat

iraq is not a threat

iraq is harsh and short

iraq is a trap

iraq is using oil as a weapon

iraq is enemy; voices in wilderness condemn us threats

iraq is still being bombed

iraq is dancing in the dark

iraq is real and unique threat

iraq is tepid

iraq is necessary

iraq is not a threat

iraq is just not working out

iraq is only option

iraq is not afghanistan

iraq is a high crime

iraq is seemingly at hand

iraq is 100% behind saddam

iraq is “matter of national security

iraq is now inevitable

iraq is only the first step in liberating the mideast

iraq is for dialogue but america wants war

iraq is family business

iraq is bombed

iraq is threat

iraq is vulnerable

iraq is in us national interests

iraq is a question for congress’

iraq is ready for the fight

iraq is not justified

iraq is clear

iraq is our biggest

iraq is acid test

iraq is unwise

iraq is not an option

iraq is welcome

iraq is therefore nowhere convincing

iraq is not inevitable but we must act decisively now

iraq is not inevitable but we must act decisively now

iraq is to be attacked in may

iraq is again in the center of the world’s mass media

iraq is also the question of palestine the us is prepared to help the arab cause

iraq is a regional threat

iraq is known to possess weapons of mass destruction and is actively seeking to reconstitute the weapons

iraq is flawed

iraq is the state that sponsored the suicide attacks

iraq is wrong we believe war on iraq is wrong

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iraq is not rambo rhetoric

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iraq is for oil

iraq is a last resort

iraq is tepid

iraq is attacked

iraq is ok

iraq is now

iraq is just not working out

iraq is bush’s call

iraq is no stage for macarthur

iraq is only option ‘there was no discussion on deploying us troops in jordan and i do not think

iraq is a crime we citizens of the united states ask you to reject president george w

iraq is a crime

iraq is unclear

iraq is not about saddam

iraq is unclear

iraq is now inevitable the bush administration has decided to overthrow the iraqi regime of saddam hussein by force

iraq is bombed

iraq is vulnerable

iraq is a question for congress

iraq is a bad idea

iraq is us policy

iraq is part of war on terror

iraq is not inspections

iraq is our biggest danger from ha

iraq is particularly alarming

Saw Nicholas Ray’s “Bigger then Life” last night with Marianne, Gary, and Bradley. James Mason plays a straitlaced schooolteacher in the 50s who goes psychotic & megalomaniacal from cortisone pills that are intended to save his life. Beautiful cinematography — cinemascope, muted 50s colors and Caravaggio-like flashes of red. Has someone done a study on the color red in the films of Nicholas Ray? Memorable quotes from James Mason’s character’s craziness:

Childhood is a congenital disease.

I can’t afford this — I’m a teacher not a plumber!

God was WRONG!

I told Marianne that I really identified with the Mason character. If I could find a drug that would make my nerves and muscles feel like something other than vicious little steel cables running from my neck and into my arms, I might take it even if it made me a little psychotic. (Is that like being a little pregnant?) There is a scene that shows the machine monitoring Mason’s pain in relation to the cortisone. You can see the pain start to diminish as he takes more of the drug until finally, in glorious 50s script like you used to see on car and refrigerator logos came on the screen: NO PAIN!

As I wrote to Nick: “Pain! You can’t live with it, you can’t live without it.”

Or as I said to Gary on this particularly crabby morning, “It’s torture. Amnesty International ought to send ME money instead of vice versa.” It’s true, in a way. Pain that won’t go away is extremely corrosive. It twists my brain around, and is largely responsible for the cynicism, disgust, ambivalence, etc…

Of course it would help to think positive thoughts, move around, watch my breathing, eat more vegetables and NOT TYPE.

OK, today I am going to think positive thoughts. Bye!

Goddesses bless Nick Piombino for quoting on his blog the only salvageably unsymptomatic bit from yesterday’s rant. Of course he’s right we should come on people now smile on your brother everybody get together & etc.

Still haven’t figured out the taboo on appearing symptomatic, though. The fact is, the symptoms creep through anyway, whether or not you decide to be overt about them.

For a truly lovely antidote to my unforgivable cynicism, please to go visit Marianne Shaneen’s Froth (link at left).

A Rant: On Cynicism, Disgust, Ambivalence, Nihilism, Despair, and the Erasure of Origin

Gary and I are still getting feedback from a few older writers who mistakenly believe that we intended some kind of attack for having framed the Blank Generation forum question in the newsletter before last the way we did, with “out-of-context” [as if a quotation, by its very nature, could be otherwise!] quotations from Ron S. and Lyn H. Ron charged us with “the excision of history” for leaving out the background to his quote. What no one seems to remark on, though, is that there was no editorial position implied in our selection or presentation of those quotes; I would not assert that I necessarily disagree with what either of those writers was saying! I felt fairly accurately indicted by them. (But then I feel indicted by everything, an echo of Jordan’s “mea culpa” — this war’s all my fault, right?) A politics of cynicism and disgust? Yeah! Hello! Look what’s happening! This outrageous stinking bully of a country we live in. Why do you think I left it in the first place?

Yes, cynicism and disgust. “No one pays any attention anyway.” “Ecch.” But not REDUCED to MERELY cynicism and disgust — there’s more to the mix. Denial. for instance: “Wake me up when it’s over.” “It’s not really happening, right?”

[big excision here — things i regret saying]

I’m (clearly) not apolitical but I don’t like politics. I never intended for this blog to be a dedicated political space. But I deeply *deeply* resent — no, I TOTALLY FUCKING HATE the Bush administration for invading not only an undeserving country but also my brain, my sleep, my blog, and my poems, and moreover making me not care about writing poems because at the moment looks like there’s no future to write them down for, and the present is like completely lost. Poor little privileged poetess. Lucky they ain’t bombing yo ass or knocking at the door to arrest you for treason. I suppose they’re waiting until next week.

A thought: the war is about ERASURE of ORIGIN. That is, The cradle of civilization will be the grave of civilization.