Dites-moi pourquoi

La vie est belle

Dites moi pourquoi

La vie est gaie

Dites moi pourquoi

Chere mademoiselle —

Est-ce que

Parce que

Vous m’aimez?

See you all when we’re back down on the farm if we can stand it after gay Paree…

Towards a Definition of Flarf

Flarf is real, real is Flarf

Flarf is feeling, feeling Flarf

Flarf is wanting to be Flarfed

Flarf is touch, touch is Flarf

Flarf is reaching, reaching Flarf

Flarf is asking to be Flarfed

Flarf is you

You and me

Flarf is knowing

We can be

Flarf is free, free is Flarf

Flarf is living, living Flarf

Flarf is needing to be Flarfed

On Being a Corrector II

I no that I mispel thigs sometime’s. Realy.

No but seriously. Some people are just natural spellers. We harbor correct spellings in our muscles. It’s a kinesthetic thing. That helps to explain the urge to correct — an almost palpably itchy feeling when we see something spelled wrong.

Tom Beckett, who is most graciously interviewing me, writes in:

Hi Nada,

In Charles Simic’s most recent collection of essays (_The Metaphysician in the Dark_) he quotes this poem by Serbian poet Vasko Popa:

Last News of the Little Box

The little box with the whole world inside

Fell in love with herself

And conceived inside herself

Another little box

The little box’s little box

Fell in love with herself too

And conceived inside herself

Another little box

And so on ad infinitum

The little box’s whole world

Should be somewhere

Inside the little box’s last box

None of the little boxes

In the little box in love with herself

Is the last one

Try finding the world now

I thought the poem interesting both in terms of our present junction in the interview and your recent blogs about narcissism.

Dancing, Yeah

Anyone up for a basement bhangra party tonight?

For a reduced admission (for those who want to come after 10 pm) flyer, click here.

Thursday, July 3rd

Basement Bhangra at SOBs

Doors at 7PM Free Mojitos from 7-8, $5 from 7-8

Free dance lesson at 9PM,

SOBs is at 200 Varick Street (down the street from Film Forum)