What I’ve been reading this winter:

I read _The Twentieth Century_ by Howard Zinn.

I read _A Suitable Boy_ by Vikram Seth most absorbedly.

It put me in mind of the novels of George Eliot.

I have just started a book about courtesans by Susan Griffin (Griffith?) (Anyway.).

In my to-read pile is the big bio of Baroness Elsa.

Of course I’ve read some poetry, too. We have a lot of it around. I’m feeling more in the mood for non-fiction and novels, though.

Why would anyone ever want to read a book entitled “The Fact of a Doorframe”?


I like Drew Gardner’s “flash orchestra” and also the description of it David Kirschenbaum posted in his announcement for the Chax Press thing on Thursday at ACA.

Exposure to lots of chemicals today: fingernail polish (drying just now so I can run off to my dance class), ajax, bleach. Dizziness, some headache. A woman’s fate?

My favorite part of “Girl with a Pearl Earring” was the domestic chores — the tallow-soap and sheet-boiling, the goose lathered up with lard by the cook’s dirty hands…

Vaccum not working so well these days, so I was down on all fours wiping with a damp cloth the little Pakistani rug Dr. Qureshi gave Gary for being so nice to Ramez.

And on another of JD’s themes… I don’t think “juiced in it” is a terrible rhyme at all, if only because it’s so memorable.

What the world needs now is exactly more of that sort of speechlike almost logorrheic polysyllabic liberty-taking.