Lovely interactions today with

— a little dog named Cookie who reminded me of Grover on Sesame Street

— a piebald pony at the stables down the street who had glaucoma in one eye

— Dante and Nemo, as per usual, thinking how like bunnies they are…

[Nemo has pica — the desire to eat nonfood items — in his case, plastic. If he is anywhere near a plastic bag or a bit of plastic wrapping he rushes to it and starts gnawing and drooling all over it. It’s an inconvenient habit. Cat Fancy magazine informs me that he does this out of sheer neurosis.]

We ought to maximize our interactions with animals. Or… I shouldn’t generalize. I ought to. They are so very much themselves, without any tiresome confusions or insistences or statements of “identity.”

“we who love to be manipulated”

but not politically.

i never saw that equivalence:

manipulation of reader =

manipulation of citizen

that’s too simple.

*opting* to be emotionally manipulated by forms of culture

is different from *allowing* oneself to be manipulated by forms of power.

it IS different. it IS.

but i don’t know if my “argument” would hold up in a court of literature.

Viewed and loved every minute of:

Vanity Fair.

There’s something about the pace and sumptuousness of Mira Nair’s movies that keeps me at the edge of tears at every moment, watching them.

I cried at the end because the ending was JUST RIGHT. But I won’t reveal it here.

Those who do not constantly battle yin’s undertow have no idea how hard it is to fight.

My resolution, to be more exterior — defeated on a meta-level even by this utterance.

I’ll trade Medulla, the new Bjork thing, for just about anything. It’s just not my thing. (Who doesn’t love that 70s expression?) Takers? I spent 18.99 on it. Note: if you like other Bjork stuff, you’ll like this, probably.