Made recently (pictures to come): “river rocks” dress, two bias skirts (one a bold swirly print, the other tiny polychromatic paisley), a gypsy muu-muu (decorated with real Afghani coins). Just started an olive-green velvet skirt with godets. (Illusion)

Nemo is sitting on Gary’s shins (G.’s in bed reading Foodboy by Carol Swain). Nemo is staring right at G.: “He can’t stop staring,” G. says.

Suddenly I understand a word: cathexis.

(Get it?)

With the twin occurrence of the end of summer and the end of New Orleans-as-we-knew-it (although I didn’t know it as I have never been there 😦 ) I find myself even more than usual interested in organizing things, all the debris and fabulous surpluses of my daily life. Some primal part of me believes that if I just DO MY HANDWASHING everything will be OK. Seeing it hanging over the tub is amazingly consoling.

Is it wrong that, given all the human misery, I keep thinking of the animals?

It’s just that they’re so innocent, and they trust us so entirely…

A fleeting thought today… “must buy… second cat carrier… just in case…”