What is a book that changed your life?

Jobs in Japan. Many books have changed my life, but this one did so in the most palpable way.

What is a book you’d want to take with you to a desert island?

Clark Coolidge’s Solution Passage (I used to take it with me on beach trips to Thailand). It never grows old. Kim Lyons calls it Pollution Sausage!

What is a book that made you giddy?

Swoon. (duh!)

What is a book that made you sad?

The Norton Anthology of Modern Poetry “Is that all there is?”

What is a book you wish you had written?

I don’t have this wish. I am content to rewrite books.

What is a book you are currently reading?

Letter Perfect ( a history of the alphabet)

I just finished The Sari

What is a book you’ve been meaning to read?


I don’t know who to tag. It seems like most people have been tagged already.
How about this: If you have been feeling left out because no one has tagged you, please consider this your tag.

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