Often I am permitted to return to a diorama

Often I am permitted to return
to a diorama.  The diorama
is put together sloppily.
Items appear to be just “slapped on”. Pieces
are loose or hanging over the edges.
Tiny inhabitants hunt colored eggs
or enjoy a springtime picnic.
Horny doll takes off her wet white panties.
There are panoramas, dioramas, cosmoramas.
If I were tiny, I’d sleep
on a marshmallow, a mini
rosy doll or tiny forest naked elf
sitting on a mushroom top
in mint-green lace bra-and-panties set,
trimmed with tiny bows and crystalline beads!
O! Feel the spirit of the natural freedom
and ceaseless joy! You can create
your own little world of model figures!
It must be the heat but I keep looking
at these little Chinese Feeling Dolls
wistfully. I asked my daughter:
“What was this science module about?”
How To Draw Lord Krishna In Steps?
How To Make A Solar System
Out Of A Shoe Box? She smiled shyly:
“It’s about how all sorts of animals eat each other.”
Petite lass spreads her little slit to the max.
Brown haired asian takes off her tiny panties
to show her hairy snatch and to pee.
From that point on,
life without the spiritualism of the world
of illusion, a consciousness independent
of phantasmagorias, was unthinkable.
She would spend her last time
to buy us things like pizza, silky panties
(it was just her thing) and baby dolls.
For such tiny little fluffy babies,
they sure can chirp LOUD
and I just flow like a penis
at the Bean Ballet. It was not immediately clear
what the diorama was intended to be.
An owl? A scarecrow?
Strands of chimp hair
were sticking to the pieces of tape.
The Tiny Forest is a removed enemy (from Mother 3).
Oh, this is, why I love moss!!
Tiny worlds are opening up.
Yay! cute little pointless forest!
I am just a small girl in a big world
trying to find someone to love.
I put a skin and pants out
for the Starlust Panty Raid Clam Hunt
in My Tiny Forest: go ahead, re-arrange
the little animals and enjoy!
Butter big ass Perfect blonde doll
poses in bright little undies: “degredation
is always in the texture of everything!”
Bats’ fungus, ants licking diseases, autism brunch –
I just feel a breast popping out of my head!
Eyes do not open and close on their own.
lusciously fragile personal moment –
a remarkable creature with a long, snakelike body,
tiny legs and scales that shimmer
my female lionhead/dwarf is pregnant
with a rainbow-hued iridescence
this has helped me so much
The diorama was not accurate. The diorama
was somewhat accurate. The diorama was mostly accurate.
Creativity. The diorama was built on pink foam
Mysterious Forest is absolutely clean.
Smudges. Stains.
…and into my panties. the sound
of … tiny foiled cheeses. and fruit…

Bespoke Room

My wonderful student Marika Sorimachi designed this room for me as a part of her final exhibition assignment.  She designed rooms for her other three teachers, too.  Isn’t this wonderful?

There’s something about the layering of textiles on the bedclothes that reminds me of layered Heian kimono sleeves.  Glorious.


Thank you so much! My mom had cutted up some potatoes and stored them in the fridge, so i was unsure because I never saw her do this before. Alright, my potatoes had set out a little before I cooked them, so RIGHTEOUS! Alright, this is really good info! A sweeter potatoe? Okay, fine with me. Very good information I’m roasting potatoes as we speak!

I’m a dwarf and I’m taking LSD, taking LSD!