Gender is that modification of a noun or pronoun which denotes sex.
The Masculine Gender denotes the male sex.
The Feminine Gender denotes the female sex.
The Neuter Gender denotes want of sex+.
The masculine is distinguished from the feminine in three ways:—
1st. By a difference in the ending of the nouns.
2d. By different words in the compound names.
3d. By words wholly or radically different.

  Pure water is destitute of color.
  Pure water is destitute of taste.
  Pure water is destitute of smell.
  Cicero was the greatest orator of his age.
  Demosthenes was the greatest orator of his age.
  Daisies peeped up here.
  Daisies peeped up there.
  Daisies peeped up everywhere.

She looks queerly.
  Give me a soon and direct answer.
  The post stood firmly.
  The eagle flies highly.
  The orange tastes sweetly.
  I feel tolerable well.
  The branch breaks easy.
  Thistles grow rapid.
  The eagle flies swift.
  This is a miserable poor pen.

  A fellow was arrested with short hair.
  I saw a man digging a well with a Roman nose.
  He died and went to his rest in New York.
  Wanted—A room by two gentlemen thirty feet long and twenty feet wide.
  Some garments were made for the family of thick material.
  The vessel was beautifully painted with a tall mast.
  I perceived that it had been scoured with half an eye.
  A house was built by a mason of brown stone.
  A pearl was found by a sailor in a shell.

Snow and hail; leaves and branches; a soldier or a sailor; London and
The sun; water; fish; steamboats; soap; farmers; fences; clothes.
Live, feel, and grow; judges and rewards; owes and pays; inhale and exhale; expand and contract; flutters and alights; fly, buzz, and sting; restrain or punish.
May be seen; roar; will be appointed; have flown; has been recommended.
Boys, frogs, and horses; wood, coal, and peat; Maine and New Hampshire;
Concord, Lexington, and Bunker Hill; pins, tacks, and needles.
Throb and ache; were tried, condemned, and hanged; eat, sleep, and dress.

Burgoyne | are | woven.
Henry Hudson | was | defeated.
Sparrows | can be | condensed.
Comets | is | inhaled.
Time | have been | worn.
Turbans | may be | slacked.
Lime | has been | wasted.
Steam | could have been | seen.
Air | must have been | deceived.
Carpets | were | quarreling.