Jack and Ange.

I can speak only for myself, but I am imbued very happily in masterpieces of transcendent dance, music and film.

Imbued very cheaply, too, I might add.

Bollywood DVDs now run about 3 for $10.

CDs of Asha Bhosle and Chitti Babu are usually about $5 apiece.

My raks sharqi classes are $105 for a ten-class card.

The trick is obviously to GET OUT OF EUROPE!

Europe was never that interesting anyway, except in how it used the materials it robbed from “the East.”

Ange, I’m not arguing for mass culture per se as high art. I detest American mass culture and avoid it at all costs. But there are other mass cultures that are very very wonderful indeed.

And frankly, I’ll take V, Shantaram over Balanchine ANY day. Or Guru Dutt over… I don’t know… Donald Judd.

rest in light

l isten very attentively to all sounds

i s silent or prolongs sounds

g enerated, notation becomes

h e may prolong a silence

t emporal holes — durations in which readers keep silent

Found Abecedarian Poem in an Amazon.com Review of The Oxford Companion to Food by Alan Davidson

Aardvark, Botulism, Cup Cake, David (Elizabeth), Enzymes, Fat-Tailed Sheep, Gender/Sex and Food, Hallucinogenic Mushrooms, Ice Cream Sundae, Jewish Dietary Laws, Kangaroos, Lobscouse, Microwave Cooking, Norway, Offal, Puffin, Queen of Puddings, Roti, Scurvy, Termite Heap Mushroom (or Taillevant), Umeboshi, Vegetarianism, Washing up (a very elegant little article), sadly no X, Yin-yang, and Zabaglione.


abecedarian spam subject line poem

acronym corralled primitivism

agleam eidetic catalytic augmentation

bonito fbi mile chickadee deallocate

boreas frock salvo believe orthodox

cranium continuity creating ernestine embodiment

crop frowsy

daffy incomputable ramp hormone

deity kangaroo heterodyne rudder advocate

enzymatic bloodline her chemistry evocation jack shall aware augment eigenvector annoy comrade corn chair blackberry hades affair cantonese gauge neoclassic ditty seizure remote brokerage collate osmotic hahn brandenburg mire anyone feat inconstant inconspicuous brooklyn ewing behead auditorium cauchy

extramarital marijuana

fairy dissidents over 72

fat ass dislike by people the most, y? leaderless blink

glossed gravitate gagwriter behold embezzle

gull astronomy blair freshen

hairy Being slight while to be a companion to sweets jules

herd glove fuji glue

incarnate improve anteater criterion

interstitial inasmuch evensong again cupful curl beguile deaden kalmuk asiatic immigrate clive ballard recursion impromptu infirm bidirectional floodlit facto cromwell demodulate downstairs dodd buttonhole lawmen

kombu low epsilon

less paain and more happiness cork

literature peabody awkward dinosaur frothy

moldavia pickerel antedate

more sex now

Nada, need drugs?

nada, Supreme meedication for you!

ocean 8 clodhoppers

orthodox Clinton

primordial emolument expulsion

pupate etymology


quakeress headlight drastic confound

Remember when you broke down last time?

rendezvous cyclops bemadden


steam engine dahlias inside 5

this is crazy


Unkownn Acsertess caugh naked


ZPR, hello!’ someone barked

An Abecedarian of Spam Senders

Academics C. Outlaid

Bacteria J. Saxophone

Concorde G. Embryologists

Coyest K. Knelling

Dahlia Audley

Esmeralda Pacheco


Gary complementation

Gift Fox

Headmistress L. Crested


Israel Craft

Jack Self

Klutzy Q. Blackbird

Lugubrious D. Impalpable

Marquess Q. Acme

Murderously T. Gridirons

Nappies C. Ionics

Ora Gomez

Perspiring J. Approaches

Posturing J. Dickson

Purify O. Mine

Quincy Randle

Sauntering O. Nosedove

Stabling A. Violoncello

Strictest J. Parabolas

Tomcats E. Sappho

Wrongfulness E. Justifies

Yolanda Mayberry

Vanitatus Imperium

Battered gal’s ‘roid rage soothes the million dollar condors

and their lowly worm’s luscious cameltoe which,

like a vornado creampie in monkey sportswear,

emits a “cry of the soul” as radiant as the art of songs,

or the art of thongs, or three-pronged arguments

that wrap into the haunch of dead enthusiasm rapt

in henna, terracotta, and polyurethane like a swizzle stick

in the (e)urethra of the truly bored. So strike up the sarod,

fellas, and wiggle your fngers on the skins, drummer boys.

Like you, I hear it all technically, a mountain of rouge

on a pale imitation, wallowing in the anemic spirit of time.

Call me e-mail — call me anything — but call me.

The process was interrupted by an abrupt allocution:

“I don’t want you to conceal anything.”