Jack and Ange.

I can speak only for myself, but I am imbued very happily in masterpieces of transcendent dance, music and film.

Imbued very cheaply, too, I might add.

Bollywood DVDs now run about 3 for $10.

CDs of Asha Bhosle and Chitti Babu are usually about $5 apiece.

My raks sharqi classes are $105 for a ten-class card.

The trick is obviously to GET OUT OF EUROPE!

Europe was never that interesting anyway, except in how it used the materials it robbed from “the East.”

Ange, I’m not arguing for mass culture per se as high art. I detest American mass culture and avoid it at all costs. But there are other mass cultures that are very very wonderful indeed.

And frankly, I’ll take V, Shantaram over Balanchine ANY day. Or Guru Dutt over… I don’t know… Donald Judd.

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