God, I hate Sarah Palin, not least because she just used the word “verbage.”

According to this website, there is no such word as “verbage.”

“Verbiage” is an insulting term usually meant to disparage needlessly wordy prose. Don’t use it to mean simply “wording.” There is no such word as “verbage.”

I could have told you that.

Obama dream

Obama was in my dream. There were a lot of people staying in a big room somewhere, like a country house, woody, with high ceilings, but I think it was actually “my house.” At one point, everyone was sort of sleeping (think of the scene in the Superdome after Katrina), and Gary and I were on the floor in something like a Japanese futon, and my ass was exposed. I didn’t think this was unusual but Gary kind of let me know it was inappropriate. So in another “scene” I was hanging out with Obama and he said, “let’s find a way you can make some money with that big old computer of yours so you don’t have to work so much.” He was very friendly and avuncular (which is weird considering he’s only two years older than me) and really seemed like he wanted to help me out!

A few facebook groups I belong to, like a little slice of personal history:

McCain video and speech

Where does the footage of McCain looking sexy on the hospital bed come from? Does he get tired of hearing the story, seeing the images? Did he think, at the time, this will really come in handy later at the RNC?

That funny wrinkle on his mom’s upper lip.

Why do we have to get old? McCain who now looks like such a dour jowly potato was really startlingly fine, back in the day, a little like Warren Beatty, who could play him in a bioipic but is too politically sensible.

“The stars are aligned; change will come.” Clear fatalism. “When you’ve lived in a box, the world becomes clear.”

How people say “cunt” every time they say “country.”

He enters with his arms slightly out to the sides, and waddles, as if he’s wearing a NYPD belt. He doesn’t walk with ease. His voice is rather thin and high.The hooligans chant the country name over and over. He has said thank you a couple dozen times. Slide in back of one of his many houses?

They won’t let him talk.

Wait, whoa, there was just a cut to a guy holding a big sign reading “McCain votes against vets.” What? Did anyone else catch that? Another cut to a guy in black t-shirt reading “2008 Vets against the war” — same guy? People distracted, looking over towards him?

McCain’s mom 96 years old.

I’m bored with this now.

A moment of graciousness to Obama. I hope he means it. Slide of cornfields.

Oh good, another protester. I didn’t see her sign. She appears to be rending her garment. Now another protester! I love it! My heros! “Please don’t be distracted by the ground noise and the static, HEH HEH HEH.” says McCain. He’s not flapped.

I’d like to see a sound wave analysis of McCain’s voice as compared to Obama’s. There’s Bristol in black again, looking like a kitty. Luscious curve of Sarah’s cheekbone, the artichoke of her coiffure, the gleaming veneers of her teeth.

He sounds a little like he’s on barbituates, too. Oh gawd…do I have to keep watching this.

Just noticed he opted to wear a tie almost the same color as his skin. Why would anyone want to do that? He just said Indian instead of Native American.

I can’t watch this anymore. Just can’t. Besides, Gary wants to sleep.