Please come!

Off to the Bay Area early tomorrow morning for this event:

November 01, 2008 06:30PM
Bollyhood Cafe
3372 19th Street (@ Mission), San Francisco, CA, United States

kino21 presents
THE NEW TALKIES: Bollywood Night
a neo-benshi event
curated and produced by summi kaipa and konrad steiner

Emily Abendroth
Neelanjana Banerjee
Nada Gordon
Summi Kaipa
Rodney Koeneke
Anuj Vaidya

another amusing yahoo horoscope

October 27, 2008

CapricornCapricorn (12/22-1/19)

Explore a new culture today — it will help you appreciate your own a little bit more. Try some ethnic food you’ve never had before. Listen to some music from a country you’ve never been to. Watch a movie made in some exotic locale that features subtitles. Have a conversation with someone for whom English is a second language. These experiences will help you get back in touch with what makes you who you are and what areas you need to develop.

my new muse!

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IMG_1215.JPG, originally uploaded by Ululate.

This is not just some cute photo I found online. I *took* this picture. This voluptuous model seemed like she was posing for me. I love her! If you look at my flickr photos you can see many lovely shots of her.