amusingly, my horoscope

October 10, 2008

CapricornCapricorn (12/22-1/19)

Creative writing doesn’t just describe poems and stories. Anything that involves the written word is open to your special brand of flair, so there’s no excuse not to inject your personality into every email, text and memo you write. Choose your words carefully and don’t shy away from using humor. People love to laugh, and love people who make them laugh even more! If you have been itching to get closer to someone, the perfect note today might do the trick.


Very old licked guitar
eentsy ol’ bagskiller
minty eye dawg – like legos
but fat, all of ‘em „harrumph.“

Invert semen mother fur
her þetta

Plastic fur auditorium.

Survivalist bongó, studly Vaselíne,
Glittery randy infection – clingily divining immensity –
Spinner seagull
cleft sinus.

All her god
vies endlessly timorous! –
yuk leisure kimono asp
framptoning loftily.

Eggier liederhosen albumen troubador,
some texts also rhyme LABORIOUSLY
living Alfredo.
Kats and dreary glass dreidl . . .

I’ve a hate gut
or a bag of omelet fairies

Slut! Kife’s brillo –
Lata sings Rekha ever vanilla in New York
winter, without attention
knife’s brillo
staving off variety
I love ants
and will sell the lambs . . .
Ann Margret held her diaphragm
the eldest metal Heidegger-mania –
the ennui of henna,
dalmation striped merkins:
strict kaftans –
„all seem oinks in the barffest for your little lacuna.“

Eh – clacking minor flutterings . . .
she bowed to the icky vittles
and videod hokum-stopping phone lenghas?
Clam android cousins,
scummy little Lolita Beluga men’s choirs?

Little is sometimes þig –
pooing like a murmur,
making meds rotten –
Hefner needs her.

Till vegetables quasi-ticklishly retract their silt.

Ah, eggs . . .

Tiger rides a terrepin.

Pooing verdure along the border of her halitosis.