Very old licked guitar
eentsy ol’ bagskiller
minty eye dawg – like legos
but fat, all of ‘em „harrumph.“

Invert semen mother fur
her þetta

Plastic fur auditorium.

Survivalist bongó, studly Vaselíne,
Glittery randy infection – clingily divining immensity –
Spinner seagull
cleft sinus.

All her god
vies endlessly timorous! –
yuk leisure kimono asp
framptoning loftily.

Eggier liederhosen albumen troubador,
some texts also rhyme LABORIOUSLY
living Alfredo.
Kats and dreary glass dreidl . . .

I’ve a hate gut
or a bag of omelet fairies

Slut! Kife’s brillo –
Lata sings Rekha ever vanilla in New York
winter, without attention
knife’s brillo
staving off variety
I love ants
and will sell the lambs . . .
Ann Margret held her diaphragm
the eldest metal Heidegger-mania –
the ennui of henna,
dalmation striped merkins:
strict kaftans –
„all seem oinks in the barffest for your little lacuna.“

Eh – clacking minor flutterings . . .
she bowed to the icky vittles
and videod hokum-stopping phone lenghas?
Clam android cousins,
scummy little Lolita Beluga men’s choirs?

Little is sometimes þig –
pooing like a murmur,
making meds rotten –
Hefner needs her.

Till vegetables quasi-ticklishly retract their silt.

Ah, eggs . . .

Tiger rides a terrepin.

Pooing verdure along the border of her halitosis.

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