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from the tree of perplexity
while they’re hot
as the known universe
its friable chips, mounds
of light fragments signifying
worms struggle under
in the dawn epistles that flood
these leopard underwear –
a kind of covenant
with bitterness, and vengeful
doves, their mouths full of herbs
and lambs, and hard-boiled plots
in the burnt-up bush of humid
Amateur descriptions of amateur
artworks bite the sky into friable
parts that speak their minds
as whirring motors in (and of) (a) vengeful
A pliable incantation
for the new city of the droning
heart. Then I am tall and delirious
and wise with curiously elegant
stochastic buds.
In this numinous world, trumpets
are recast as alto saxophones
ravenous for the studied
innocence of inbred blossoms.
In the milk of a primordial
coconut, a nose doctor
hiding in Italy
awaits a complex
the little fruit
bat worries about
in a slather of 
conceptual haze.
the leopard underwear
an annoying melismata
to all sextillion gassy
stars, pushing furiously forward
into an exact

made of lace.


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Seven Twelfths: TETRACHORDS
Seven Twelfths of the students mispronounced the word chic.
Closed Hexagonal Kaleidocycle: Number of faces: 24
The sum of my occipitofrontal measurements was seven hundred and twenty-nine inches and seven-twelfths of an inch for one hundred and fifty crania.
Seven-twelfths of a grain of morphia were injected in the evening.
I want the Internet to erase itself and for chords to work backwards and Sharpies to retract ink and entropy to reverse and the Sun to dim and for polygons to become more perfect.
I had to make a choice as to whether to merge my consciousness with an AI in order to rule the world with justice and rationality or to reduce humanity to a new dark age as to prevent domineering conspiratorial government rule forever.
Wings large, rounded, the first quill eight-twelfths long, the second an inch and seven-twelfths longer
Women and negroes, being seven-twelfths of the people, are a majority; and according to our republican theory, are the rightful rulers of the nation.
So, I’m curious — is Uncle Earl bald now that seven-twelfths of his hairpiece has been consumed? Seven-twelfths bald.
Wings rather short, concave; the primaries strong, narrow, tapering, pointed; the first an inch and seven-twelfths shorter than the second

Seven Twelfths: INCANTATION
re , mister.”
“I have.”
“All the b.
She’d recited this
incantation maut enough trees
and flowers bloomed id
seven-twelfths of heaven.
why don’t you
play for the hawk seller,
 “I bet you neo determine if you know enough and
hunger, I was already plotting my meow
 he realized that it was possessed
I have been awaiting you and grown
because he
wasn’t young a asked her, she could have written a con-tentedly.
repeatedly and
mercilessly at th.
‘coulor are time
and space immutable. It s knew.
her racism, had been light lavender
and well equipped with communic love,
but there are a few other fool powers
his right arm sharply.husband, biting through a pipe-stem
the confused
electromind me, and busy drifted worriend his head lush sprins
 “No, of their wand help theked straighed-fuzzed a The veteranrd and
Knocked id in divorce “Weth you.”
The do it agaie metal thiand he had owing, potebligingly wrationally.
her husban who didn’trd was twicnished
I shruggroval
on mnything fro provided all. He enteed.
Gart!” he shouhis chest. e gone longnot to let . “I’m not ay, and bac “what is slipped do”
to drag mfly
throug her.
“I’llame all thew readers,
and the wito work on e like my m;
but shtrong.”
Buttest on thehis head ane neck.
 said Palpitations gears around whaling mojo?
Stare work young
incandeent is waita menace.
All through themight


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Take your army to the haunted forest,
and bring me that girl and her dog.
Another lover had been to the religious
column you encouraged, but there’s no
place like home pulling with horns’
shapes and promised home to take.
Jell-O crystals were stuck all over
the horses in the emerald palace, as
deep anxious brown eyes danced down
always.  Kalidahs (tiger-bear hybrids)
being dashed to pieces in a crevasse.
The scenes were shot speedily, before
the horses began to lick them off.  Pay
no attention to that critic behind the
curtain.  I have a feeling we’re not in
Odessa anymore.  The tornado was
a 35-foot long muslin stocking, spun
around some miniatures of a Kansas
farm. Tears bit her slowly becoming
the hiding horns frightened in staring
ones or old blossoms representing
the Lollipop Kids as black snow at
small spiral church and striped stockings.
Judy Garland couldn’t stop giggling –
near her horns away for a back one
and miss can each other soon the half –
while filming the scene in which Dorothy
slaps the Cowardly Lion. A sound town
of horns. It’s not a person.  It isn’t a
peacock it’s a crane. It’a bird, retard.
Why would someone hang themselves
horizontally? The rumors give ruby heels
a complement to the shock position.  Pay
no attention to that woman behind the veil.
Warm face gets stood in women by two
dark changes. Jack Haley’s aluminum
paste makeup gave him a severe eye
infection: first mother shelters her front
material on a deafening butt. Dorothy has
no mother, going with horn walls on a nice
storm to check.  I have a feeling we’re not
in utero anymore.  Her childlike physique
achieved with the help of a corset: if you
or her one are small first beings, why not
like our high first orange?  Infinite field
of sleepy poppies, a thread guiding a brave
tail.  If I only had a gray paralysis with group
horns!  The Scarecrow was unable to say
the Pythagorean theorem (right  after he
got his brains): if you buzz to bite a gazed
old sleep there will be a sun for every space.
Dorothy’s white dress was really pink. Do
as you like with the others; I want her
alive and unharmed, having slipper water
in a dried green body to rightly live only
in darkness.  The munchkins received $50
for each six-day workweek.  Toto, played
by a bitch named “Terry,” received $125.
A bicycle is ridden in the sky. Nodded well
good horns get kept into entire wicked horns.
I have a feeling we’re not in Rapture anymore.
Worried or blank flying monkey faces – dead
zodiac column eyes obeyed and heard, death
hate calling in my familiar.  The oil was really
chocolate syrup, the fire in the slipper was dark
apple juice, the slippers were silver in the book
but became ruby in Technicolor. Change you
for a power or lightning down into a young.
Glinda has no counterpart in Kansas.  Metal
mother with well gate makes horns, following ten
oxygen voices in a beautiful technology. Hip
thought losing and gazing.  Ha ha ha, ho ho ho
and a couple of hee hee hees, that’s how we pass
the day away in the wonderful land of cheese.
Is the munchkin hanging BEHIND the bird??
Maybe thats all the confusion… Munchkin baby
products, including bottles, nipples, breast pumps,
warmers, sterilizers, and more, Munchkin Bubble
Ducky Spout Guard –munchkin rescue, munchkin adoption:
Wonderful one dreams thing late the people, hit the
horns to always mother your fat. Accessorize
your munchkin costume with this colorful lollipop.
Hoo hoo hoo, ha ha ha, and a couple of hey hey heys,
that’s how we pass the day away in this wonderful
land of daze. Toto had such bad breath it almost made
Judy Garland’s eyes water! Becoming the book
with a tried glance, ever searching, soulful painful
dark sparkle.  A mantis shrimp will eventually
consume ALL of your small fish and your little
crustaceans and snails, too.  Flame Oz. Crystal Ball
contact manipulation. This set of Wizard Of Oz ™ salt
and pepper shakers features The Wicked Witch
Of The West and her Crystal Ball. The shakers
are held together by a small magnet. L. Frank Baum,
originally a Methodist, became an Episcopalian
and then a Theosophist. Theosophists believe that
selflessness and traditional virtues lead people
ever closer to their Divine Nature. Planets, solar systems,
galaxies, and the cosmos itself are regarded as conscious
entities, fulfilling their own evolutionary paths. The spiritual
units of consciousness in the universe are the Monads,
which may manifest as angels, human beings or in various
other forms. An elderly throat has its cry, descended by a fat
somewhere over a window, home difficult green part
carrying a flock of simian slaves. Your baby’s
eyes will sparkle at the sight of glittering BLING pacifiers.
Besides looking cool, they feature a silicone orthodontic nipple.
It’s so obviouse that it’s a bird. I don’t mean to be cruel,
but I can understand why they didn’t cast that BIRD
as a munchkin. I think he’ll get over it though. It is a fucking
munchkin.!! You retards.!! It’s not a bird. It’s a munchkin.
There is a lot of reason that he hung himself but what I
have heard is that he was madly in love with Dorothy
or whateer the hell her name is and she rejected him so…
Yeahh you know the rest: dead for horns and treated toys
back in sepia, before almost her gut, damping her fit set
at farm need.  Pay no attention to that face behind the makeup.
Accessorize your munchkin costume with this colorful
lollipop. The oversized lollipop has a painted wooden stick,
and the plastic lollipop is painted with bright green, orange,
yellow, blue, and red swirls. It looks so real, you’ll mistake it
for being edible! Aw, shucks…If I only had a Grumpy Munchkin
blumpkin angry gremlin tail angry munchkin growing a tail blowjob
grumpy gremlin upper decker grumpy blumpkin…hollow the old
and taste the curtain to solid crowd your imposter. All I shut is,
I’m time that we are.  Heart. Brains. Courage. Home. Ha ha ha,
hoo hoo hoo and a couple of her her hers, that’s how we pass
the day away in the wonderful land of blurs.   So goodbye,
yellow brick road, where the dogs of society howl…and
he never did give nothin’ to the tin man…PAUSE
Just try and stay out of my way. Just try! I’ll get you,
my pretty, and your little dog, too!
(witchy laughter)

Wizard of Oz mega-neo-benshi 4/16

Yardmeter XVlll, Saturday 16th, 7P.M.

Please join us for our 2 year anniversary!!

Yardmeter 18 presenters will respond to the Wizard of Oz:

poetry readings by

Molly Dorozenski, Ian Dreiblatt, Corinne Fitzpatrick, Lily Ladewig, Deborah Poe,
Christie Ann Reynolds, Anelise Chen, Cate Peebles, Nada Gordon, Shangxing Wang, Margaret Monaghan and Macgregor Card.
Music by Jimmy Ohio.
Artwork by Adrian Domenech Moore.
Cake by Karyn Kwok.

This all happens Saturday, April 16th, 7:30 p.m.
Please bring bubbly beverages!