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Seven Twelfths: TETRACHORDS
Seven Twelfths of the students mispronounced the word chic.
Closed Hexagonal Kaleidocycle: Number of faces: 24
The sum of my occipitofrontal measurements was seven hundred and twenty-nine inches and seven-twelfths of an inch for one hundred and fifty crania.
Seven-twelfths of a grain of morphia were injected in the evening.
I want the Internet to erase itself and for chords to work backwards and Sharpies to retract ink and entropy to reverse and the Sun to dim and for polygons to become more perfect.
I had to make a choice as to whether to merge my consciousness with an AI in order to rule the world with justice and rationality or to reduce humanity to a new dark age as to prevent domineering conspiratorial government rule forever.
Wings large, rounded, the first quill eight-twelfths long, the second an inch and seven-twelfths longer
Women and negroes, being seven-twelfths of the people, are a majority; and according to our republican theory, are the rightful rulers of the nation.
So, I’m curious — is Uncle Earl bald now that seven-twelfths of his hairpiece has been consumed? Seven-twelfths bald.
Wings rather short, concave; the primaries strong, narrow, tapering, pointed; the first an inch and seven-twelfths shorter than the second

Seven Twelfths: INCANTATION
re , mister.”
“I have.”
“All the b.
She’d recited this
incantation maut enough trees
and flowers bloomed id
seven-twelfths of heaven.
why don’t you
play for the hawk seller,
 “I bet you neo determine if you know enough and
hunger, I was already plotting my meow
 he realized that it was possessed
I have been awaiting you and grown
because he
wasn’t young a asked her, she could have written a con-tentedly.
repeatedly and
mercilessly at th.
‘coulor are time
and space immutable. It s knew.
her racism, had been light lavender
and well equipped with communic love,
but there are a few other fool powers
his right arm sharply.husband, biting through a pipe-stem
the confused
electromind me, and busy drifted worriend his head lush sprins
 “No, of their wand help theked straighed-fuzzed a The veteranrd and
Knocked id in divorce “Weth you.”
The do it agaie metal thiand he had owing, potebligingly wrationally.
her husban who didn’trd was twicnished
I shruggroval
on mnything fro provided all. He enteed.
Gart!” he shouhis chest. e gone longnot to let . “I’m not ay, and bac “what is slipped do”
to drag mfly
throug her.
“I’llame all thew readers,
and the wito work on e like my m;
but shtrong.”
Buttest on thehis head ane neck.
 said Palpitations gears around whaling mojo?
Stare work young
incandeent is waita menace.
All through themight

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