I am So Gory (Greeny) Today

I am So Gory (Greeny) Today

My emotions in tremble, an enzyme in my tail
Whenever this love had been closed in a book of deceptive flashes,
Separated by three seconds of darkness in an invertebrate melodrama,
Just as rainbow that comes in a bad time for the females crawling down the grass,
Even though it’s pleases the male displays of antlers and feathers for the eye to see,
Truly, i am so gory (greeny) today, glowing like an adult,
Where am i gonna save my day from the gifts that form coils in a male’s abdomen?
If my gullible legs aren’t support me,
And my pulsing hands always say no or yes to nuptial gifts,
I hope Thy less conspicuous flashes for a cry of mine
(conspicuous flashes have bigger gifts),
So my life can go through a extra fog of cheap light and coiled forms,
Like sticky traps equipped with lights that mimic courtship duets
(although if making light is so cheap for males, it seems odd that they have not
all evolved to be more attractive to females) (I think the reason is ideological),
And round up in a dream to the slowly starving blue female’s
Flickering orange rain of bad-tasting chemicals.

a big commotion

Yesterday may 24, 2004 I had said that I don’t think that I want to be in double duch practice any more because of Lashawn is always minding someone’s business. SO Jennifer Bostic went Back & told laShawn what I said and know she don’t like me. So when we were in the locker Room laShawn was looking at me like oh I want to fight you. So then Tiara Simmons came by and she bumped me so I hit her Back and that was when she pushed me into …and she hit me so I hit her back and walked out of the locker Room. The … told her to slap me in my face so she came out and hit me so I hit her back and Fred Perry hit me & said don’t touch her. And it was just a big commotion.

rainbow pride

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IMG_5017, originally uploaded by Ululate.

I love that there was a rainbow in Manhattan on LGBT Pride Eve. Photo taken at 2nd Ave. and 1st St. yesterday at about 7:30 p.m.

Dance Recital


Safiya of Anahid Sofian’s dance company leads us in a bouncy drum solo dance. On the occasion of the celebration of the 30th year of Anahid’s studio at Lafayette Grill, 6/26/2009.

I’m in the middle in the teal tanktop, not visible in much of the video, but doesn’t Lisa (in yellow, in the foreground) look adorable?

In My Lustrelessness

In my Lustrelessness, norm, form, and function are revealed as blithely editable,then turned into an intonation beyond the irrigated “pirate” mind.

I was sat with a malevolent question… but now I am more or less riotous and bounded, because, well duh, the encounter between spectator-subject and image-object is a process of frivolous interference or mutual indignant mutation! I hope this doesn’t sound too confrontational.

Don’t know why the passive butterflies still hide in my messy entanglements.

In a story about the traveller and a pencil and the conceptual plenitude of its polychromic dog (can a dog die from eating a firework?), do we cross the ocean just to find a tricked-up fog in the false nature park? Filled with the myriads who lived but never existed in the perverse bricolage?

Will everything become a blur in the afternoon? Can we tell a tiger from a mottled patch of shade in this lambent cacophony?

What a waste to chase the sun in this implausible account of mental life, like homemade fake puke… just as some white people envision breasts as (ontic) white, and go on to associate the latter with white screens.

If love poems are written in pidgin python in my dreams, there is also some polemic in some places, because all imagery is a bad riposte against the predictable triumph of “whimsy.”

Turned inside. Turned inside. Inturned social speech, adult. Vanishes with social speech. Persists, turned inward. Persists, subconscious. Persists primitively. Pragmatic, posits as inner structure. Persists. Persists.

The balloons, singing: that’s the way to party (the fecundity of the unknown in the heart of aberrant intimacy).

I will unite with the easterly wind’s bum schemas and rattle-trap heuristics in the cocky dismissal of my lustrelessness, its impulsive body, the white nose of its prattling excess.

Contemporary literature is drowning in women’s menses.

All of the quotations below are from Flaubert to his (proto-feminist) poet-mistress Louise Colet, entirely decontextualized, and gleaned from Francine du Plessix Gray’s Rage and Fire: A Life of Louise Colet, Pioneer Feminist, Literary Star, Flaubert’s Muse. There’s much delightful trivia to be found in the book, including the fact that Victor Hugo initially thought that “Gustave Flaubert” was Louise Colet’s nom de plume!

I love you precisely because there’s very little woman in you, because you have neither their hypocrisy nor their weakness of intellect.

You write verses the way a hen lays eggs.

Don’t you feel everything is currently dissolving into the humid element – tears, chatter, breast-feeding. Contemporary literature is drowning in women’s menses.

I refuse to look on art as a slop pail for our passions, like a chamber pot barely cleaner than a confidence… No, no! Poetry must not be the foam of the heart…

Your second weakness is that vague feminine “tenderomania.” Once arrived to your level of quality, linen cannot smell of milk anymore. So do me a favor… show us your muscles and not your glands.

I’m not made to enjoy life.
Happiness is a monstrosity! It punishes all who seek it!

I kiss you on all your lips….I place my finger in a secret place…which is full of your being, and go to sleep on your image, sending you a thousand kisses.

I kiss you everywhere.