I am So Gory (Greeny) Today

I am So Gory (Greeny) Today

My emotions in tremble, an enzyme in my tail
Whenever this love had been closed in a book of deceptive flashes,
Separated by three seconds of darkness in an invertebrate melodrama,
Just as rainbow that comes in a bad time for the females crawling down the grass,
Even though it’s pleases the male displays of antlers and feathers for the eye to see,
Truly, i am so gory (greeny) today, glowing like an adult,
Where am i gonna save my day from the gifts that form coils in a male’s abdomen?
If my gullible legs aren’t support me,
And my pulsing hands always say no or yes to nuptial gifts,
I hope Thy less conspicuous flashes for a cry of mine
(conspicuous flashes have bigger gifts),
So my life can go through a extra fog of cheap light and coiled forms,
Like sticky traps equipped with lights that mimic courtship duets
(although if making light is so cheap for males, it seems odd that they have not
all evolved to be more attractive to females) (I think the reason is ideological),
And round up in a dream to the slowly starving blue female’s
Flickering orange rain of bad-tasting chemicals.

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