Can anyone explain to me why my archives disappeared when I switched to beta blogger? All the archived posts still appear on my “edit posts” page — they just don’t show up as archives here. There is no “republish” option anymore in beta, or at least not one I can find. Help! I want my ulularchives back!

Then there was the guy in the astrakhan hat — Russian? Kazhakstani? Azerbaijani (sp)? — who had obviously never used a Metrocard before. He kept swiping it in the opposite direction. I tried to explain to him how to do it, but he didn’t understnad me, so I just went ahead and went through the tunstile myself — but lo! he had slipped in directly behind me, and I screamed, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? — and he said — holding up the card, “CARRRD NO GOOOD!” I was freaked by his proximity and kind of kept screaming “Get away from me!” once on the other side of the turnstile, where his female companion — wife? cousin? friend? — started scolding him heartily in what sounded to me like Russian.

After all was said and done, I wanted his astrakhan hat.

On the train a few mornings ago: tall black guy in maybe his early 30s leaning up against the center pole, crowded morning train. In preppy clothes. Wearing headphones. He’s intoning:

Fuck bitches, fuck bitches.
Get money, get money.

Obviously singing along with something.

After I got off the train, I walked the smelly gingko-lined road to school thinking and thinking of this.

Dreamed I was the new bassist for Metallica, but I couldn’t decide what to wear onstage… tiresome going between apartments, couldn’t go fast enough — one item from the outfit always missing — do I wear the t-strap earth shoes with the skinny jeans? a brightly-colored dress? I remember my hair was bobbed, perfectly straight and covered with pallette sequins. While crawling on the sidewalk trying to get to where my other clothes were, I was hit in the side with a whirring bird.

(our apartment is overheated so I wake up dizzy)


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rockislandline.jpg, originally uploaded by Ululate.

Sausalito, 1971, around this time of year. I’m in the lower left corner, wearing my favorite Palestine dress and holding my puppy Govinda, who ran away soon after. This is a rejected group shot for the holiday card for the health food store, the Rock Island Line, that my mom worked at.