Can anyone explain to me why my archives disappeared when I switched to beta blogger? All the archived posts still appear on my “edit posts” page — they just don’t show up as archives here. There is no “republish” option anymore in beta, or at least not one I can find. Help! I want my ulularchives back!

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  1. try this: go to settings/archiving. make sure your archiving settings weren’t accidentally changed somehow during the switchover (since you’ve customized your template, maybe blogger just got confused.) change them if you need to, or even if you don’t, click the orange “save settings” button. then you should get a “republish now” link at the top of the page.

    eeek, my wrd verification string is sapuko!!

  2. Thanks, Shanna!

    Actually, your fix ddn’t work, but I appreciate the suggestion. Apparently the issue was that my old archives were accessible through an obsolete and unsupported javascript. I had to put in some newer kind of script, and as you can see my archives are back. I only found this out though by rooting around on googlegroups — Blogger, I must say, was not terribly helpful.

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