Segue Intro 6: Ben Friedlander

Benjamin Friedlander is the author of about a trillion beautiful little chapbooks (including Silk Flowers by Nada Gordon) as well as the properly perfect-bound A Knot Is Not a Tangle, Simulcast: Four Experiments in Criticism, and the long-awaited, recently released from Subpress Collective, The Missing Occasion of Saying Yes: Poems 1984-1994. He edited the prose of Larry Eigner, and with Donald Allen he edited The Collected Prose of Charles Olson. He teaches at the University of Maine in Orono.

All evil is perverted good, and all falsehood is reversed truth. Therefore, the tri-une mystery, that pervades the universe, is embodied in shapes of evil, as well as of good. Hatred, Falsehood, and Force take an infinite variety of forms, as do Love, Truth, and Energy. If the proportion between falsified truth and perverted affection be harmonious, the product has power to charm. It has been truly said, “There is a sort of beauty in a wicked action, provided it be well done.” Much of Byron’s intellectual power has this origin. Milton’s Devil wears it like a robe of fascination. The same law shows itself in ultimates, in the material world; hence the beauty of the tiger, the leopard, and other destructive animals.

Many, if not most Jews, are absolute masters at the use of language and linguistics, and are especially crafty in the use of their more nefarious cousins, that being twist speak, turn speak, doublespeak, the creation of new words and phrases, the changing of existing ones, etc.

This butchering of the language is just another example of Jewish atrocities that occur all throughout the world.

Gertrude Stein took her Passover lunch to eat outside in the park. She sat down on a bench and began eating. A little while later a blind man came and sat down next to her. Feeling neighbourly, Gertrude passed a sheet of matzo to the blind man. The blind man handled the matzo for a few minutes, looked puzzled, and finally exclaimed, “Who wrote this shit?”

As Ben says, “poetry should be at least as poorly written as matzoh.”

Please welcome my dear friend, one of the best minds and poets of my generation…

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