Can one make an argument for the “greenness” of appropriated poetry?

I suppose it’s a bit of a stretch.

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Oh did I mention that this morning on the way to work I found a VHS copy of my favorite movie: “High Society”? And also “Learning about Letters” by Children’s Television Workshop. Apropo of scavenging, I mean. So I was four minutes late to class, having rummaged a little through garbage.

3 thoughts on “Eco-poetics

  1. I actually don’t think it’s that much of a stretch. The more obvious side “green” awareness for poetry are things like publication and distribution methods, but on the poetics side of things, I think a very good argument could be made that appropriated and found poetry promote a “reading” of our culture’s waste. In fact, it seems to me that any poet who is aware of the gross amounts of waste our culture produces daily, that they would almost <>necessarily<> incorporate some form of appropriation into their work.The stretch might be where anyone tries to argue that appropriated poetry is going to have a serious affect on any of our “green” issues. However, its connection to healthy attitudes about cultural wastes seem obvious.

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