today’s ensemble

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IMG_5460, originally uploaded by Ululate.

The foofy pink skirt I referred to in an earlier post with lace appliqued by me, anchored in some kind of reality by a square-neck black t-shirt. Black flat sandals with bows not visible. Earrings and bangles (I apologize for this) to match.

I would like to take this opportunity to say that I paid I think 7.99 for the skirt and maybe $12 for the beautiful trimmings. If I had bought this at Anthropologie it would have cost me ten times that.

p.s. Two fashion merchandising things that have amused me lately: The Gap with the words “short-sleeve t-shirts” stencilled in huge letters on their window, as if it was some sort of amazing novelty that The Gap should sell… just think… short-sleeve t-shirts! And then American Apparel selling leggings with slits cut in the side for probably twice what you would pay for a cheap pair of leggings. Like you couldn’t take out a pair of scissors and cut the damn slits yourself? Ha! Come to think of it, I think I will do that.

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