today’s ensemble

is all about details. First, the keenly observant will notice that I’ve reparted my hair in the center. Hair partings signify. On the side: Anne Frank, Veronica Lake, retro. In the center: 1970s. India. I have a bit of a widow’s peak that only shows with a center part, and this signifies, of course, Morticia Addams.

Simple black jersey halter dress with unobnoxious handkerchief hem. It looks better with nothing underneath but I am a schoolteacher, hence the t-shirt. The sandals, partly made of carpet, are from the souk in Marrakech and are insanely comfortable.


Thai bag bought in Manhattan Chinatown at the little Thai shop on Mulberry below Canal where Gary buys the Thai comics he appropriates images from. Note the fabulous tribal pom-poms.

Bangles are “artfully” non-matching but matching.


This look says: Playful but not childish: well-traveled. Enjoys “exotica.” Grew up in California.

I wish someone else would play this game with me. The conversation got off to such a good start. Ah well, I don’t mind playing solitaire here, I’m still having a lovely time.

3 thoughts on “today’s ensemble

  1. I was going to post some clothes but my camera broke. Things I really like right now:

    dresses from the 1980s with a straight skirt but a flounce around the hips, super puffy sleeves, belted waists, anything hourglass, leaving shoulder pads in, beyonce abstraction and exaggerated effects, leotards (also beyonce), knickers (by this mean I things puffy but gathered into a cuff, both on shorts, shortalls, pants, and jumpsuits), feathers and representations of feathers, reptile leathers, color blocks that emphasize the hourglass, and for this upcoming winter, loose berets and garage sale 1980s furs.

  2. Hourglass! Yes! The flounce around the hips is a peplum, yes?

    Leaving shoulder pads in is very brave. I so overdid them in the 80s and early 90s I never want to see them again on me, but I totally get how they are, now, a “fashion gesture.”

    You are lucky to be tall and able to wear puffy things and knee breeches; on me I would look like a middle-aged woman trying to look like Little Lord Fauntleroy, but yeah, cool!

    Furs, also, whoa. I have two of my grandmother's: one calf-length mink, but from the 60s I think, and one emerald green rabbit that may actually be from the 40s. I can't bring myself to either wear or throw away either of them.

    Brava on all of these fashion points. I wish I had an extra camera to send you.

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