today’s ensemble: black and white

Headache and crankiness today, maybe because I stayed out late at Light Industry watching the T.A.M.I. show. You know it, right? If not, go directly to YouTube. Do not pass go.

Several realizations while watching it:

Contemporary pop music sucks (sorry, Brandon B.) It just does.

James Brown was on another plane entirely. Twice the movie audience broke out in unrestrainable applause. They were that there with him, in whatever that place is.

The Stones were far ahead their guitar band peers in musicianship.
Mick and Keith once both had exquisite mochi skin.

Marvin Gaye was just… beautiful.

Diana Ross really knew how to put on some eyeliner.

I need to get a fringed dress and cinch it at the waist for gogo dancing purposes.

Gerry and the Pacemakers were pretty damn good. “I like it! Are you likin’ it too?”

Lesley Gore was completely fucking awesome: songs of fierce empowerment and helpless abjection. I asked G. on the way home, don’t you think she’s Jewish? So just now I went to Wikipedia, only to find she was born LESLEY SUE GOLDSTEIN. Yo sistuh!

In 1964, the world was about to explode. (That’s the year I was born!)
The riotousness of that time made 2008 possible. Don’t forget.

Today I stuck to black and white:

today's ensemble

The letters on the shirt read:

of prink girl
by the enq
No Hard Feelings Please

I bought this t-shirt five years ago in Tokyo on my honeymoon. I think it makes up for yesterday’s lame attempt at irony.

The skirt is a little ironic in that its message is “gothic cancan.”
Just think, tulle’s not just for brides and ballerinas anymore!

Because today is so non-Technicolor, weather permitting, tomorrow I shall endeavor to be seriously high chroma. I bought a vintage aloha maxi dress today (the bodice fits like a dream) ($22!) and hacked a foot off the bottom, then diligently sewed up the hem. Stay tuned.

Is it wrong for people to use their pets as fashion accessories? Because no sooner had I put on this outfit this morning when I spied little Nemo, all ready for the black and white ball with me, in his permanent tuxedo:

off to the black & white ball

Saw so many great outfits on the street today, this day after rain. The best was maybe a woman in a sherbet orange shift dress with this amazing necklace of a different shade of round orange somethings falling in tiers. Or was it the woman, her arm heavy with a dozen chunky bracelets, from whose belt had hung what looked like an enormous fox tail? I MUST be more aggressive about my picture-taking.

Threw my half-empty (pessimist) packs of clove cigarettes down the garbage chute tonight, thinking that’s probably where the headaches are coming from. Wish me power!

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