today’s ensemble: analysis will have to wait.



I actually wore three different outfits today. One I didn’t photograph, but here are two of them:


Grayish-purple babydoll dress (Victoria’s Secret catalog ,ugh), accessorized with “newsprint” scarf, rosy mauve daypack, and new sunglasses. The seller on Canal St. wanted $25 for them, I said, “what are you crazy? I’ll give you $10.” He said no way so I started walking out, and finally we agreed on $12, which is not too bad given that it’s less than 50% of his initial quote. I like to think I drive a hard bargain, but I can’t imagine that his wholesale price was more than two or three dollars. Right? Oh, gee, excuse me, is my heritage showing?

To the Stain of Poetry Reading tonight (where I read with Julian Brolaski, Adam Fieled, Scott Hightower, Chris Stackhouse & David Wolach, thanks to organizer Amy King) I wore (you can’t quite see the skirt here; the completists among you will be disappointed, sorry):


Not sure why I so often fall into that “frame face with bird-shaped hands” pose: perhaps it’s a bellydance affectation. Photo by Brenda Iijima. I read LYRIC poems at the reading to psych out everyone who thinks of me as a mere Flarfist. Ha! A wonderful evening, with a rare sighting of Jeni Olin, here shown with Erica Kaufman: (Aren’t they gorgeous?)


Other gorgeous people I saw today:

I love her silver hair, the autumn tones, the shoulder ruffle, and the creative use of fabric direction here. She had an “I love Jesus” lanyard on as well.

I also think Gary looked gorgeous against this dramatically striped and graffiti’d pillar underneath the overpass in his Brahma (?) t-shirt and olive shorts:


Lots of sun today: sleepy. Analysis will have to wait.

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