Little boy around five on the subway with his father, asking questions in English his papa answers in French, all starting with “why”:

Why do we have trains?
Why do we have shoes?
Why do we have hair?

etc. This goes on for several iterations, but my favorite is, “Why do we have writing?”


In the Clinton/Washington station, a group of police officers standing around. A police dog – a big, dreamy-eyed German Shepherd – is tugging at the strap of one of the officer’s batons. He wants to play.


A guy on the train platform who looks like he has the elephant man syndrome (Recklinhausen neurofibromatosis?). His head and face are big and assymmetrically swollen almost like a Casper character. His skin is bicolored, in a brown v shape on his cheeks and chin and mouth, pinkish elsewhere. He keeps clearing his throat, and there’s something echoic in the gurgly rasp of his phlegm.


Something brown and chunky splashed up against the wall under the station stairs.


One thought on “sighted

  1. No, I'm not positive, but I think Von Recklinhausen's disease is where people can get growths/warts anywhere. My brother had it, though he wasn't covered with warts at all, but it can be a very damaging disease. Don't know what the one you were describing is called.

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