i count the days

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Hail morning, full
of gross mistakes.
Birds creep in subway
rafters: clatter of
obsessive songs
or fruits of threat –
or theory of cold
sweat – heavy white
richness in spun rage –
I know
it was a cage. but
it was a cage
I wanted. Now,
it’s haunted.
Endospasm: spawn
chasm.  I fiddle
with a worry wheel.
Grey clouds gasp
the seagulls flying
past – in nodes
of memory.
The groaning
yonder. Under
his weak, spoiled
Tugged under:
the empress
of tug. Snug
as a bug
in fine
I’d been, you know,
a jester. Hilarity
my saving grace.
I’ve lost it for a while
in blinding ache.
Blow, ye winds
about my tattered
garment. Harshness
of visible world a
sandy mirror.
Absolute hollow
in a reservoir
of absence.
Low. lowing.
Muscled pride:
the chicken neck’s
veiny vuln… and pain…
I walk the hollow streets
with hollow cheeks
and  huge chalk x.
Blast: jumpy quiet
untruth: messier than what
was limp and wrong
and veined like bluish
hell: thin skin
globes, and her as
tool or wedge.
Weakly little chicken
thigh, ugly meat
part, meat flap. Flap
flap. Runaway: cum
runs down her skinny leg
like spitup.
Tied knots of juicy
membrane – wiry net
of hangup lies. Crouching
mongrel’s stretched
globular sac. Studded
with gnats and chiggers –
ethnic eerie music –
transparent ear – failed
Radiant pucker: a fly’s
skin: squeezed… oozing.
If I see her I shall see her
and I’ll squeeze her till
chomping. predatrix.
Night of jolts. Evey night:
Freaky centipede
brown streak stain
on whiteness. Witness
to his weakness.
Ugly whimper
rots implosion’s
whiny jism.
my grace.
I’ve lost it for a while
in ache.
He fucks
her ooze –
then mine.
Sack of shit
lying inside
his head.
She wipes it
with her predatory
tongue. It’s weird.
In purgatory
fizz, a woman
on the subway
yanks my

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