1. Extremely angry.
2. Full of anger or energy;
violent or intense.
a (1) : exhibiting or goaded by
anger (2) : indicative of or
proceeding from anger b : giving
a stormy or turbulent appearance

characterized by spasm of the muscles
1. full of fury, violent passion,
2. or rage; extremely angry;
3. enraged: He was furious about …
Furious. A tempest on the tongue,
Surly Furious
Furious Diaper
Furious Flower Poetry Center
furious (comparative
more furious, superlative
most furious) … Rushing
with impetuosity; moving
with violence; as, a furious
stream; … adjective. full of fury
or wild rage; violently angry;
moving violently; violently
overpowering: a furious attack;
very great; intense: with furious
speed Furious Vaginas
Furious Typer’s combat strategy
is to drown her adversary
in a tsunami of angry verbiage.
She is absolutely immune
to subtlty OBAMA: You know,
I am furious at this entire situation,
because this is an example of where
somebody didn’t think through
the consequences …

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