Human are always growing from boning to dead.

Few days ago, I had a good experience about

women light. I daresay that women shoud admit

themself. Men are stronger than women for masthral,

speed, mentality and so on. women are able to have

a baby in their stomach. However, equality of society

and equality of lights, these kinds of arguments is

disgusting for me. Because, we already know the difference

between men and women.

We can feel the force and living through the playing.

Hobby is the self-pleasure and it is continuing in


Obviously TV is making inefficiency mind.

You are defenseless for the violent message.

Everybody is exactly watching the irrational TV companies programs.

If every people accept irrational to real, people are going to nihilistic

or machine.

Saddam has weapons of mess distraction.

Needless to say, health really involves eating food.

You won’t be able to get good health as far as you are loafer.

I think economy makes you the king or the clown in the palace.

I had some difficulties understanding curculios.

If we leave TV problems, our national characteristic will be

thyroid gland disease and long time sitting on easy chair cause

flat hip.

Therefore we won’t be activity and intelligencey. We will be

believable people.

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