Big ol’ list of the qualities of a narcissist here.

From that list, I believe that 2 of 2 moods, 8 out of 33 behaviors and 1 out of 4 defense mechanisms. Does that make me a card-carrying narcissist?


1. Chronic (long term) negative effects: anxious, fearful, tense, irritable, angry

2. Rapidly shifting moods: a narcissist’s mood changes daily


1. Overly concerned about health

2. Excessive talking: leads to inappropriate self-disclosure as well as exposure about anything he knows or preceives about others

3. Overly dramatic presentation of emotion: could well be known as the “drama” queen or king (negative emotions), exaggerates the importance of his experiences

4. Jealous and envious: ridicules the achievements of others

5. A sense of time urgency: is impatient

6. Socially rebellious and does not conform to societal expectations:

7. Attention seeking: wants to be the center of attention and will do anything to achieve this (may dress in a different or absurd way or behave ridiculously)

8. Loves his reflection: expect to see a lot of mirrors hanging in the narcissist’s house


1. Devaluation: negates anyone who inflicts a narcissistic injury

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