Mostly, on a desert island I would just want to have Internet access. Barring that, the Oxford English dictionary and a limitless supply of notebooks and writing implements.

Otherwise, here’s a rough draft of my list of essential texts, subject to revision:

Alan Davies Name

Clark Coolidge Solution Passage

Carla Harryman Under the Bridge

Collected Frank O’Hara — not just Lunch Poems

Mina Loy Lunar Baedecker

Tristan Tzara’s poems/ manifestos — in French so I could have more of a brain teaser on the desert island.

Alice Notley How Spring Comes

Bernadette Mayer — but it couldn’t be any single text — it would have to be a sampler. If I could have just one text I guess it would be Studying Hunger because it’s so bizarre. Would be best to have the unedited version.

This is

off the

top of



Will give it



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