How many of you saw The Corporation? I loved that CEO of the carpet company (Interface?) who had an environmental epiphany about the damage his company was doing. He is aiming to make his products more and more earth-friendly. I think his last name was Anderson. He was highly articulate, like an old-fashioned southern preacher — words chosen carefully but almost Victorian-ly, with furbelows attached.

I keep thinking… I want to tell him… that if he’s looking for the perfect renewable carpet material… what about TATAMI?

It’s the perfect renewable resource. It’s completely non-toxic (except for those with hay and dust allergies) if grown organically. It smells divine and looks soooo lovely.

It entails a few cultural changes, like not wearing shoes, but they are well worth its multitude of virtues. Tatami. It could be The New Foundation. Think about it.

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