The Bolagna Improvisations


Did you mean to search for: bologna 

hey have you ever wondered why bolagna is spelt

bolagna and its sopossed to be said

bolona but we say bolone its really odd

at least i think so

how bout you

I don’t like: people who take themselves too

seriously, guys who are too uptight,

irresponsibility, guys who cheat on

their lovers, bolagna sandwiches, guys …

and he shall be my Squishy! teehee….

*chews bolagna happily* *throws spork at

you*. Deviant: ~screamingdaffodils

put flowers on familys graves, and stop and have a

slaburger.i even remember when i sla burger

was a thick piece of bolagna with slaw

Geesh! –

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring banana phone

Boop-boo-ba-doo-ba-doop! Ping pong

ping pong ping pong ping panana phone

It’s no bolagna, it aint a phony!

6 Chips/salsa, but with thin Lays orginal,

not tortilla 7 Ritz crackers with a few

cans of spray cheese 8 Carefully rolled

slices of Bolagna with spray cheese

Empty pill bottle (pills dumped in purse)

Half eaten Bolagna* (hungry shopper…

So next time you play..

with or without Mr McGee…

Think of me…naked..eating a

bolagna sandwich,

and spanking your mom….

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