Here’s a little more Schutzman ibid. from the same essay. I love this stuff.

…what captivates me in the face of a joke is that something nonsensical is brought to my attention but yet never fully disclosed. [this is, of course, the joke of poetry] There is always that bit of sense one cannot get at. That is masked. The word “mask” comes from the Arabic word maskharat,meaning clown or buffoon. And the word “buffoon means “to puff.” The fool represents the elusive puffery or mask that disguises what we call sense in such a way as to make us distrust it. That is, through the fool we awaken to the sense of having been taken, once again. The fool’s non-sense reveals common sense to be just another spectacle that has been determined without us, that speaks for us, just as the body speaks the hysteric.

Mady, if you google this, write to me and let me know you’re there. We were meant for each other.

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