I’m sure you’ve all read T.A.Z.: The Temporary Autonomous Zoneby “Hakim Bey” many times. Check out this festive bibliomance:

The TAZ as festival. Stephen Pearl Andrews once offered, as an image of anarchist society, the dinner party, in which all structure of authority dissolves in conviviality and celebration. Here we might also invoke Fourier and his concept of the senses as he basis of social becoming — “touchrut” and “Gastrosophy,” and his paean to the neglected implications of smell and taste.” (p. 105)

….The essence of the party; face-to-face, a group of humans synergize their efforts to realize mutual desires, whether for good food and cheer, dance, conversation, the arts of life; perhaps even for erotic pleasure [does pumpkin pie count as erotic pleasure?], or to create a communal artwork, or to attain the very transport of bliss — in short, a “union of egoists” (as Stirner put it) in its simplest form — or else, in Kropotkin’s terms, a basic biological drive to “mutual aid.” (p. 106)

I suggest reading through until the end of page 106, as a kind of anarchist thanksgiving Hagaddah.

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