I find it quite remarkable that this piece appeared in the NY Times about a week after I completed my first sewing venture in years — a skirt made out of a fabulous $10 discount store jacquard curtain and edged with curtain tassels (scroll down to see my brave effort). I wonder, am I flattering myself to observe the extent to which I have my finger on the pulse of the moment?

Is That a Tapestry You’re Wearing?


Published: February 8, 2005

Last year’s fall collections were full of tweeds. Now designers are tearing down the curtains, making use of decorators’ fabrics with a fervor that would do Scarlett O’Hara or Maria von Trapp proud.

Fabrics more commonly found in the castles of the Loire Valley or a conference room at the Hilton – thick gold chenille, tapestry-weight brocades, wallpaper prints – have turned up in several of the fall 2005 collections shown so far.

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