A group blog that was also a scarf, I think a watermelon color with kind of aheavy woven waffle texture, like a kitchen towel– mainly admisstered (a typo, but I’ll leave it, because I just woke up and my subconscious is still ruling) by Ron, but also Marianne and my mom. The scarf was divided into rectangular segments where each blogger would post a question with space for answers by the scarf blog community. The questions: “Do enjoy (indulge in?) Hindu go-go dancing?” (or was it “Hindu astrology go-go dancing?”), “Are you a pagan Queen?” (this was addressed specifically to Anne Waldman and Cecilia Vicuna — not, I noted with irritation, to me.) Lots more questions I can’t remember. Anyway, the cool thing about the scarf was that it was totally wireless. When someone responded to a question or posted a new question, it appeared on the scarf immediately. So… are cybertextiles the way of the future?

I was truly enjoying this dream. I wish I could remember more of it, and also that I could have slept a little longer to experience it a little more.

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