SWOONING* over Kasey’s new poem and thrilled out of my coin bra** to be its dedicatee.

It reminds me of a slightly loonier version of Nick Piombino’s “With Open Arms.”

*I’m also swooning because I’m “doing a cleanse.” Didn’t eat yesterday except for some shake, some liquid minerals, an apple, a few almonds. It’s strange to be doing this because my life, like any life, tends to be exceedingly food-centered, and I consider myself “a good eater” — perhaps a less admirable quality in a 41-year-old woman than in, say, a 7 year-old.

**I don’t actually have a coin bra, although I would like one. I’m currently at work on two (count ’em!) tassel belts, though, whose photos I will post upon completion. Perhaps a homemade coin ‘n’ tassel bra to follow? Squeal! Excitement!

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