Hello all

It seems I have a corneal ulcer.

I thought it was just a little irritation, but Gary’s ex-wife had this same thing happen, and he said it can have dire consequences. A number of web sites told me it was a medical emergency, so I made a trip to a circle-of-hell like emergency room so late Wednesday night that it was Thursday morning already — got home at 430 a.m. after a night of exposure to the poor and suffering of Brooklyn: the man who had just had spinal surgery and was afflicted with a constant gasping hiccup — he could keep down neither food nor water; the pregnant woman with chicken pox; the lady who got beat up at a party; the young woman whose cat had scratched her just below her eye; the ailing lady who moaned ohmigod ohmigod and soiled herself; her enraged adult son who demanded more care for her and was threatened with expulsion for unruly behavior; the woman who cried and sobbed, “I just want to die, I want to dieeeee…”

I felt silly going there with just a little irritated eye, but it turns out it’s a good thing I did. The emergency room doc told me it was probably just a corneal abrasion, but told me to follow up with an opthamolagist. Yesterday I saw an opthamologist who said it was probably an abrasion but wanted me to see his partner. I went to consult with his partner today and he told me within two seconds of looking at my eye that it was an ulcer, and that it was good I came in in because such ulcers can, he said, be “devastating” and can result in permanent *impaired vision or permanent vision loss.* AAAAAGGH! Big scariness.

So now I’m using some miraculous new eyedrops and the prognosis is good. My eye is achey and I feel tired, though. Wearing my glasses feels odd. Worst of all… no eyeliner until I’m safely through this.

Anyway, I caught it in time. Filled with that shaky residue of a nearly missed disaster.

OK, no blogging for a little while until this gets better.


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