Last night G. and I went to see The U.S. vs. John Lennon and I found myself getting so furious at how horrifically the world has evolved despite all his exertions. Yoko ( whom G. and I saw on the street a couple of months ago!!) was so transcendently beautiful, I realized over again. I think I want to get an even more Yoko-ish look, with big floppy hat and huge bug glasses. But honestly, what kind of world is this? Certainly not what I thought it would be, as a young beatlemaniac in San Francisco in 1971.

Now it’s like, all you need it BLING. Or all you need is RAW POWER. Or something. But I state the obvious. It’s still early here, I’m not quite awake yet.

I also had the sense watching the film that those people — Angela Davis, Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, and of course more than anyone John himself — were possessed of the most amazing charisma of which you simply don’t see the like these days. Now everyone is so slick and groomed and polished with products, so remodeled and remade that whatever actual charisma they have seems tainted and elusive. I’m thinking of Madonna, I suppose — how she has wasted her powers.

Oy what a world.

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  1. šŸ˜¦i have nothing but grumps in this zone,but for no reason at all. no consciousreason. i looked outside and saw a hugeraccoon climbing on my torii last night.i tried to write an aase bergish poem about it, but i took it down. i just keep chantingscylla and charybdisthinking of the lake tobasupervolcano eruption of 70K yrs ago. the us hasone of the hugest supervolcanos.i dont want it to go upbut it is there. its a color.the tao has no opinionson the biomassthe tao must bless andshape the biomassdoesnt charybdissound like somethingfrom the urban dictionarychar-rib-dismaybe a zombie gamer term.

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