Tried the Zenzero at Bigelow’s today. Most disappointing. I don’t pick up the ginger at all. On me it just smells like talcum powder.

So it’s Coco, after all.

Perfume recommendations, anyone?

Nothing fruity, please.

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  1. Hi Nada,You should come up north with Kim Lyons when she comes to visit sometime. Charlotte Kelly (Robert’s wife) has this amazing collection of essential oils that she lets you sniff, choose which you like the best, and then she mixes them into a completely unique perfume. She’s made one for Kim and one for me. I bet she’d make one for you if we asked her nicely. Best,Lynn Behrendt

  2. That sounds lovely. I did that once at a little place in the East Village, and the stuff they came up with for me ended up giving me a terrible headache. Perhaps Charlotte’s alchemy would be more successful.Today I went into Sephora and tried Armani “Code” — which smelled amazing on a student of mine. On me — YUK! It’s like some kind of sweet swampy sweat. Bizarre.Tried Bigelow’s sample of their lemon body cream — oh MY WORD — how wonderful! Like wrapping yourself in merengue. MWA!

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