Nada’s Anti-Rules of Poetry Blogging

Avoid any mention of poetry altogether.

Do not use standard templates unless you tweak them.

Use as many fonts as you please.

There is no such thing as irrelevant content: found text, recipes, videos, random observations – all good.

It doesn’t matter if you have links or not.

Especially, do not ever ever “engage current debate.”

Welcome comments, but delete as you see fit.

Use gimmicks: a flickr badge and a label cloud are signs of a “quality blog.”

Don’t set yourself up as an authority on anything.

Let people secretly guest-blog as you.

Blog as frequently or as infrequently as you please: you owe no one anything.

You may use your blog as a catalogue of pet peeves if you like.

Possibly to be continued…

8 thoughts on “Nada’s Anti-Rules of Poetry Blogging

  1. I suppose what I meant was “Don’t feel obliged to mention poetry even though you define yourself as a poetry blogger.”Anyway, it’s an ANTI-RULE!

  2. I used to avoid “engaging in current debate” altogether, and I still try as hard as I can to do so, but sometimes I just can’t help it… (oh, and i guess i do mention the word “poetry” a lot, at least in my “categories”)

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