For once and for all, let it be known that

Flarf is an attitude, a style*, and a posse, not a technique.

So let it be written, so let it be understood.

* possibly even, it has been said, a “lifestyle” …

4 thoughts on “For once and for all, let it be known that

  1. yeh yeh yeh!i wrote a poem about you and my shoes; it’s on my bloghttp://artpredator.wordpress.orgi will add you to my blogroll and visit againbtw, you have the blogroll to end all blogrolls!enjoyed your benshi sooo much –would love to experience it againenjoy your shoes when it is warm enough

  2. Vintage pattern book and drafting.Create your one of a kind outfit mix any pattern you have and create a new styleThis book shows you how to turn your pattern pieces into a defiant look.This book is in a defiant language then what I’m use to but still understand it ,the pictures that are shown are easy to follow.This is a vintage book so it shows some wear,pages are in good conditionno tears.Simply use your exsistent patternsmaximize or minimize then you have created a stunning one of a kind wardrobe.**These books are for intermediate to advance** knowlage of sewing,because it only shows you how to change the style of ,your existing pattern pieces. This book has more pictures of the dresses then Patterns,Has maternary outfits to draft I like these one it has 50’s and 60’s styles.

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