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Geoff Garin, Hillary’s new campaign manager, wrote:

We want to know what you think — about the state of the race, our campaign strategy, or your ideas for doing things differently. You’ve made an investment in this campaign, and I want your input as we plan the days, weeks, and months to come. Share your thoughts.

I admire Hillary’s tenacity, brains, and moxie. I supported her. But now, I am beginning to think she should concede – not just because Obama has garnered so much support, but because she does not keep her commitments. I say this not because of anything that has been well-publicized. Two friends of mine who work with separate non-profit organizations have told me that she twice broke promises – once to meet with their representatives, and once to attend a fundraiser – this at great expense to the organizations who had gone to great lengths to get her attention. I am also wary of her connections, recently pointed out by Barbara Ehrenreich, to right-wing prayer groups, as well of as the gross mismanagement of her campaign so far. I don’t want to “take back” my $100; hers is truly a historic candidacy, and I think she would make a brilliant, if somewhat Nixonian, president. I love her pragmatism and her grasp of policy. She errs, though, in repeatedly compromising her integrity. I earlier tried to explain away her vote to authorize the Iraq war as a self-masculinizing gesture, but now I think I need to see it for what it is: a Faustian bargain. Obama’s not perfect, but I’d rather switch than fight for a candidate who has become so disappointing. It’s too late to “do things differently,” I think, and that makes me rather sad.

One thought on “Share Your Thoughts

  1. Hi Nada,Your posts about politics have been one of the best things to come out of this campaign. Can’t we take up some kind of collection and send you to the Democratic Convention as “Poetry Blogger”?

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