Inappropriate Aggressive Responses in Poets

Inappropriate Aggressive Responses in Poets

Inappropriate or excessive aggressive displays in young poets are unfortunately on the increase. In today’s climate with the current laws such displays can and do place the publishers of such poets at a high risk of facing litigation and even criminal charges.

Aggressive responses in poets are the result of an interplay between the poets’ innate potential (drives) and the poets’ environment (what it has learnt is acceptable or more importantly what works). Initially research considered that the disposition of the young poet and thus the behaviours it showed early were as a direct result of the genetic potential of its literary forbears. This is now known not to be the case and the Author puts forward that the current increase in aggressive displays seen in practice is at least in part due to the environment in which the young poets have been brought up in and/or the ownership style of the teacher or publisher. This observation is based on the Freudian defence mechanism model and has proven itself in the practical treatment of aggressive disorders in young stock repeatedly.

3 thoughts on “Inappropriate Aggressive Responses in Poets

  1. This is funny. It’s true that in my last blog argument I was less polite than before, as if I’d internalized some of the nasty behaviors of people I’d argued with before. Mean tactics definitely do rub off, because, as you note, they’re tempting, in that they seem to work.But I’m going to work at being a less accomplished arguer, on the grounds that it’s worth “losing” the argument in order to be a more perceptive and empathetic respondent. And in the long run just as many side with the argument’s “loser”–people love the underdog–

  2. I think this applies to people (and therefore poets) of all ages…The young have aggression, the old have arrogance. I dare you to tell me I’m wrong. 😉

  3. From a personal viewpointI wish to offer this thought.I am not a pro, but any time Itried to compose a poem Inotice I become very intense.Once I was writing for an Eng-lish Comp. assignment and I actually had to isolate myself so I wouldn’t cause a ruckusin my home.It seems, IMHO, that poetsare very defensive about their writing and reactstrongly when they feelthey are being unfairly criticized.

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