4 thoughts on “Hello Masterpiece

  1. I should have known! How about Yink Shonibare? Different but also fascinating cross cultural imagery… How did you find me? It tickles me to see the Schneeman piece highlighted. Not exactly my most popular one 🙂

  2. I have written about both Shonibare and Schneeman, who’s an acquaintance of mine as well as a hero.Mainly, I’m a poet, and I do this sort of thing in poems all the time: reinscribe (or I should say reinscrawl) myself onto the shells of “masterpieces.” I’d love to send you a book; if you’d like one, send me your address backchannel to nada AT jps DOT net.I also love the Hello Kitty motif because I lived in Japan for eleven years and am very invested in that culture. Do you know Ann McNight, a scholar at USC who has written about the HK phenomenon?

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