Dear Diary: Tomorrow is a New Day

Today, helped Gary purge books. What a lovely feeling. Bye, books.

We went to get quarters to do the laundry. The bank clerk was so radiant. I wonder if she’s always radiant or if she was thinking of the imminent historical moment.

It’s a winter wonderland outside, not so horribly cold and every delicate branch is topped with powdery snow. G. and I said, whoa, the snowflakes look like 3-d graphics! They’re coming right at us! And they look so realistic!

Purging books is fun because you remember what you have. I kept poking my nose into The Arcades Project and Stendhal’s diaries.

I did not accomplish anything that I wanted to accomplish this long weekend, but that’s OK: my belly is full of brown rice and stew and broccoli and san pellegrino, and tomorrow is a new day.

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