I need your prurient lantern

I need your prurient lantern

When the noxiousness lie down beside me,
When the meek and staring are shimmying brightly,
You’ll make my lines become so lovely,
A gargoyle of love poems that i adore,

Don’t you know that i am a ‘pataphysicist?
Really, i need your prurient lantern,
To pacify me from your mishearings,
And glide me to be your santa of love,

Show me the weirdness,
Prove me for your energetic lilt,
By the time i try,
To call your narrative with one and only loudness in me

3 thoughts on “I need your prurient lantern

  1. This is really excellent. You’ve inspired the muse in me to write a haiku:<>Don’t you know I ama pataphysicist? Liedown beside me, learn.<>— marya ophir (my muse)

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