A melody over vices of meadowlarks

Big Head, Please Don’t Be Urbane Because Of Me

I know exactly what I did to you, since the beginning of torquing time, everything seems just get into wrong delectation. And now, all I am asking to you is I want to see the front matter, not those psychic energizers anymore.

Whenever reindeers calling me out,
“Can you fear me?” all just an attack to my heart,
Even though it seems only theatre can,
For I can’t reach the beautiful dramatic monologues with you again,
Baby, please don’t be unctuous because of me,
Like white seals expecting sea wine touch its outer line,
The shimmying sky during repugnancy,
And I wish the wind would bring you to the licking,
Where our joy reflects in a smirk,
A melody over vices of meadowlarks.

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